The ESSnet CORE (COmmon Reference Environment) continues the work of a previous ESSnet called CORA (COmmon Reference Architecture) CORA, which finished in October 2010, and produced the definition of an architectural model together with proof-of-concept software prototypes. Starting from CORA results, CORE extends the architectural model by defining a complete information model that takes into account process modeling, and specifically definition of sub-processes and communication interfaces. CORE provides a software environment for the automated execution of statistical processes, defined according to the designed information model.

CORE goes in the direction of fostering the sharing of tools among NSIs. Indeed, a tool developed by a specific NSI can be wrapped according to the extended CORA model (e-CORA) and thus easily integrated within a statistical process of another NSI. Moreover, having a single environment for the execution of entire statistical processes provides an high level of automation in process execution.

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