UniCam is involved in the Marche Region experience regarding federate identity management solving technical and organization issues that drive the re-engineering step from the old style legacy system to the novel and more interoperable authentication framework.

Among the others Regions Marche Region has developed its own innovation plan. In order to adopt innovation actions an important aspect that we underline is the territory over which the Region spreads out, as it embraces both the high mountains environment of the Apennines, characterized by small towns with a low density of population, a large hill area, where the valleys are full of craft work, and the coastal area, where the most part population and of the industrial development lies. The governance and the technological choices are certainly influenced by the heterogeneity and diversity implicitly represented in the Region. So, working as a community it is an important aspect to spread digital society in such territory as well as to improve the interactions with other PAs outside of the Region and to contributes to the development and the use of fully interactive services. In such scenario innovation plan passes troughs IT supporting infrastructure such as those related digital identity. Marche Region reviews its identity management framework, named Cohesion, in order to support federate identity management. The novel framework, resulting from the re-engineering steps, is named FedCohesion. Its application is suitable to enable the creation of a community ablest to support the great number of small and medium PAs and their relationships with citizens and businesses as well as other central PAs and Regions.

The Project is funded by Marche Region local public administration via a four years (2009 - 2013) agreement.